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SEO help when you need it

Our Services

SEO Audit of a website

Let us review the current state of search optimization of your website and provide a detailed SEO roadmap in priority order. Our consultants can also work with your engineers and designers to ensure it get executed correctly.

URL architecture of an upcoming website

SEO always takes time before you start seeing returns so making sure everything is setup correctly from the beginning is critical. Our team will dive into your industry, competition and product/service you are about to launch and will present you with the best URL structure and architecture for your website to be SEO-friendly.

Troubleshooting an issue

Have SEO traffic falling but don't know why? Let our team with years of experience in SEO take a look and identify a culprit. Then we will provide a detailed step-by-step plan on how to fix the issue and can work with your team to guide implementation.

Local SEO

We help small businesses get on the map and rank in their locality. Plus we will do an audit of how you present to customers compared to your competition and what are some growth strategies you can apply to win.

Responsive consulting team will be there for you along the way

Our team is located in the US and will work on your schedule to zoom, slack and support your team in every way possible.

Contact us today to discuss your website SEO needs and see how SEO Seagull can help get more organic traffic to your site.

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